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How to become a certified DCA judge

This process is a multi step self paced program that allows each person to move along at their own pace and comfort level. This process may take weeks, months or even years depending on your experience and knowledge level of judging

The first step is to make a request to the Education Team your desire to become a DCA certified judge.
You will be asked to provide a CV which should include you teaching and judging experience, any certifications you have received from other organizations, contests and captions you have adjudicated, and why you would be a good candidate.

Your CV will be reviewed by the Education Team.
Once you have been approved, you can start your first course of study which is General Judging Knowledge. This includes information on the 5 box criteria reference guide, the scoring process, numbers management, the meaning of a tenth, subcaption profiling and the DCA system. This information can be downloaded from the website or delivered at an in person Judges training clinic.

Once you feel comfortable with understanding this material, you will be provided a link to take the General Knowledge Exam online. You will have 1 1/2 hours to answer as many questions as you can. You must successfully answer a vast majority of these questions to pass and receive your certification of completion.

The next course of study will be Caption specific. You must read and understand all materials provided about your caption of study.
Once you are comfortable with your knowledge of that caption, you will be scheduled to have a 1 hour conversation with a member of the Education Team about the caption.
Once the Education Team feels satisfied that your knowledge of the caption is strong enough, you will start your shadowing judging process.

You will attend a contest and deliver commentary and scores for several groups. The commentary and scores will be evaluated by the Education Team.
Once they are satisfied with your growth and development you will be award a caption certificate and assigned to a contest.

While this process may seem extensive, it can be completed in sections and driven at your own pace. DCA s goal is to provide certified and well trained judges to every DCA event. You will be extremely proud and honored to have the prestige of a certified DCA judge. You will be the best of Asia.
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