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Bayu Ricky Putra Adhitama

Winning the color guard contest of The 2016thMarching in Okayama, Japan, Bayu Rizky Putra Adhitama (Bayu) is a member of Color Guard Indonesia (CGI) Team. Under the direction of Ms. Diana Sari, Bayu and CGI Team was also performing at The 2017th Shanghai Spring International Music Festival in China. He was also one of the visual staffs at The Indonesia Drum Corps (IDC) team that was competing at The 2017th World Music Contest in Kerkrade, Netherland.

Bayu holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Management of International ICT Business program at Telkom Economics & Business School, Telkom University, Indonesia in 2015. He completed Lean Six-Sigma training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, got the chance to join The Summer Immersion program at Solbridge Business School in Daejon, South Korea, and was having an internship at Telkom Australia Pty Ltd. in Melbourne, Victoria. Those encouraged him to work and communicate passionately within the global environment.

He started to march at the age of 9 with his elementary school band namely Drum Band Gema Teladan, SDN Cibuluh 1 in Bogor City, Indonesia. He won Junior National Championship twice, (Festival Drum Band Anak Indonesia / FEDI) placed 1st as a horn line player (2002) and placed 3rd while he was the field commander (2005).

He started to write music and create choreography while he was pointed to be the music & visual director at his junior high school band. Competing at regional, he was successfully turn Marching Band Bahana Swara Garuda 16 SMPN 1 Bogor from 13th to 3rd place in one year and became 1st in the next two years. To elevate his skills, he joined Marching Band Bhina Caraka of The Indonesian Customs Board and winning The 25th Grand Prix Marching Band Indonesia 2009 as a tuba player. Later on, he joined Bhina Caraka’s color guard team as he desired.

Bayu continued his interest in marching art by composing original score, arranging music and or creating visual concept including color guard choreography for junior – senior bands. His junior bands were winning Bandung Marching Band Championship (BMBC) in 2014, 2015, 2016, and placed 3rd RU & 4th RU at Grand Prix Junior Band Indonesia. He was assigned to be a color guard judge at some regionals from 2015 until present. He was also delivering program-concept and basic color guard clinic for coaches of junior-band, in Lampung Province, Indonesia.
Bayu was on duty as the visual director & choreographer of La Tansa Corps, Banten in 2014 – 2015. La Tansa
was achieving its most-significant progress during this period, from 22nd place in 2013 to 10th place at The 2015th Grand Prix Marching Band Indonesia (GPMB). In the same year, he was also working as the choreographer at Marching Band Waditra Ganesha, Bandung Institute of Technology goes to GPMB.

As he works as a young creativepreneur, a professional MC and a social media consultant, Bayu is also a creative director for Indonesian Batik Ambassador Beauty Pageant and some other national events from 2016 until present. He hopes that he can always contribute himself for the nation, and Asia as well, through soft-skill education, marching art, and creative industry.

Erwin Pribadi

ERWIN PRIBADI is an alumnus of The Pupuk Kaltim Bontang Marching Band (1999-2004). He continues marching with Madah Bahana University of Indonesia (2004-2012) as a versatile performer with credits range from playing mellophone, bass drum, color guard, trumpet, cymbal and baritone. And he also served as Mellophone Leader from 2005 to 2006.

Erwin served as a color guard choreographer for Marching Band Angkasa Pura II (2007). He served as a visual designer for Madah Bahana UI Color Guard Contest (2009), Wiramadhara Vijaya SMAN 14 Jakarta (2013), Waditra Ganesha ITB (2013-2014), and also as a Program Director for Waditra Ganesha ITB (2014). In another occasion, he served as a Brass Instructor for Madah Bahana UI (2011), Waditra Ganesha ITB (2014). More recently in 2015 and 2016 he was the Brass Caption Head of Madah Bahana UI. Erwin is currently the Brass Instructor for Listya Dwijaswara.

During his career in Marching Arts, he achieved some awards, such as: the First Prize for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia in Philippines with Listya Dwijaswara (2018), the Second Prize for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia in Indonesia with Listya Dwijaswara (2017), the First Prize for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia in Malaysia with Listya Dwijaswara (2016), the Second Prize for International Drum Corps Competition in Indonesia with Madah Bahana UI (2016), the Second Prize for Field Music at Grand Prix Marching Band Competition in Indonesia with Madah Bahana UI (2015), the First Prize for Brass Contest at Bandung Marching Band Championship in Indonesia with Madah Bahana UI (2015), the Second Prize for Marching Percussion Contest at Tama Marching Competition in Indonesia with Wiramadhara Vijaya SMAN 14 Jakarta (2013), and the Second Prize for Marching Percussion Contest at Bandung Marching Band Championship with Wiramadhara Vijaya SMAN 14 Jakarta (2013).

Erwin was graduated from University of Indonesia – Faculty of Mathematics and Science majoring in Physics. He is currently works for one of a Japanese company in Jakarta as a Senior Sales Robotics Solution.

Adi Junimon Noer

Adi Junimon Noer (Nimon) begin marched in Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia Marching Band in year 1996 to 1999 and served as Percussion Leader in the last year.

Graduated from Universitas Indonesia, he took position as Percussion Director and composer from year 2000 till 2016. In 2002 he start arranging and composing Full Score for Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia and many marching band and drumcorp in Indonesia till present.

He served as Program Director and arranger as well as building the system and organization for Gita Surosowan (2006 – 2009), Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia (2010 – 2015) and Gita Pakuan Bandung (2014 – 2016).
In year 2007 he invent “Marching Drumbattle” in Jakarta Indonesia with his friends an active event organizer for DMC, Mr. Joedhi Roemekso and Rino Andhika, to push the skill and musicality in battery section in educational purpose. The drumbattle event growing rapidly and first go international to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the next two year. One of the Thailand judge at the second drumbatttle event in Jakarta, Indonesia, brought the system after the event, and start using it in Thailand. In year 2013 the event influence to DCI and copyright it in USA as “Drumline Battle”. Nowday drumbattle is the most popular event for Marching Percussion in all around South East Asia.
He is an active percussion clinician around Indonesia with Pearl Marching Drum & Adams since 2006 as an endorser.

He has judging experience since 2004 in the field of music and percussion in many events around Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipine and Timor Leste.

Eryck Agustinus

Eryck Agustinus is a drill design and also marching instructor from Indonesia. I joined marching band when i was in high school. I started to play baritone with Gita Pakuan Marching Band Pemprov Jawa Barat for 1997 – 2003. In 2005, I started to be an marching instructor, and develope Gita Surosawan Drum Corps that has just been established and teaching for 2005-2006.

I learn from my experience and of course from people who has experienced in drum corps activity. I learn from Bob Thomas about judging system. I learn from Al DIcroce how to create a show design. I learn from judges, designer and instructor in Indonesia.

In 2013, I joined with Gita Pakuan Marching Band as an drill design and also instructor. I was learning from everyone and every thing to develope this band.
Started to be a Gita Pakuan show conceptor at 2017, I arrage music and also write a drill. We got champion in Indonesia Drum Corps Championship (IDCC) 2017.

In 2015 has passed as Drum Corps Europe general judge and got chance to be judge in several Indonesian competition. This activity still continues until now.
In 2018 has passed as Drum Corp Asia general judge.

Benny Prasetyo

Benny Prasetyo, Born in August 1963, Bandung Indonesia. He was a member of Genta Wibhawa Marching Band (year 1979 – 1983) as the one of the best marching band in Indonesia which produces many leading marching band instructors and public figures in Indonesia.

Mr. Benny started playing a tenor drum at the age of 16. He continued playing both Horn and Drums for the next 5 years. Since 1983, He start as a marching band instructor for BPI Marching Band in Bandung until 1990. He continued as a marching band instructor for Nawala Pos Indonesia Marching Band for the next 20 years until 2013. Chief Instructor and Music Arranger for Gema Nada Jagat Raya Marching Band, Bumiayu – Indonesia, He also as a marching band instructor for Gema Galuh Marching Band (2012-2013) and Gita Pakuan Marching Band (2011 – 2017). His teaching experience extends of the past 35 years. He has designed and instructed numerous award winning Marching Bands, individual and majorette contest and color guards.

He also has experience following marching band coaching clinic as a participant in Indonesia and Malaysia from famous clinician such as: Rene ‘Conway, Dr. Cosmo A. Barbaro, Andy Dougharty, Jeffrey Moore, Steve Bentley, Scott Johnson, Tom Float, Shana Beernaert, Marco Harder and Bob Thomas.

His contribution as a Contest Director and promoter of various marching band coaching clinics, workshops, socializations and judge colleges is no doubt, it has been done since 1992 until now, As in Grand Prix Marching Band (GPMB), Bandung Marching Band Championship (BMBC), Marching Band Of Indonesia (MBI), Riau Open Marching Band Competition (ROMC), Grand Marching Borneo (GMB) and many more.

He judges or has judged for Bandung Open Marching Band (BOMB), 25th TMII Anniversary Marching Band Competition, Banten Marching Band Festival, Rimau Sriwijaya Open, Borobudur International Marching Band Festival, Kids Band Festival, Grand Prix Junior Band, Grand Prix Marching Band, Bandung Marching Band Championship, Aceh Marching Band Competition, Grand Marching Borneo, Grand Marching Bekasi, Malaysia National Competition and Malaysia World Band Championship.

Budi Hartanto

Budi Hartanto (Budi) was born in Jakarta, June 25th 1985 and was studying at the Faculty of Psychology in University of Indonesia. He began to march from 2004 until 2008 with Madah Bahana University of Indonesia (MBUI). He was a tenor drum player, snare drum player, and Madah Bahana’s field commander. He also served as MBUI’s drumline leader from 2005 – 2008 and began his teaching career as percussion instructor from 2007 – 2015 at the same band.


Under the direction of Mr. Adi Junimon Noer and Mr. Marko Sebira, Budi learn to arrange and compose marching percussion music. He started to arrange and compose percussion score for Madah Bahana and many other Marching Bands from 2007 until now. His works were ranging from mini-percussion show, drumbattle score, stage/theater music ensemble, marching band show and indoor percussion ensemble.

Budi is currently The Percussion Director and percussion arranger of Madah Bahana University of Indonesia (2016 – now) and also The Program Director and percussion arranger of Listya Dwijaswara Marching Band (2015 – now). During his career as a percussion instructor, arranger and composer, he achieved several awards , including:

Due to his experiences and capabilities, Budi was also assigned to become Field Percussion Judge in several Indonesian Championships, such as BMBC Bandung, SMOC Riau, Kids Band Festival, and ROMC Riau.

Budi Hartanto is an active Indonesian endorser of Mapex/Majestic Marching Drum (since 2015) and Rimshot Marching Drumsticks (2018).

Ditto Priyawardhana

Ditto Priyawardhana started his marching arts activity as a trumpet player in Madah Bahana University of Indonesia (MBUI), as part of the team competing in Grand Prix Marching Band (GPMB) 2002, 2003, and 2005, and lastly performed as Second Drum Major for the band in GPMB 2007.

Ditto currently serves as Music Director and Brass Arranger for Madah Bahana UI. He was previously the Program Director for MBUI in 2007-2009 and in 2015-2017, and has been writing music and designing show for the band since 2007. Ditto is also involved as an arranger and designer in several other bands including Listya Dwijaswara, Waditra Ganesha ITB, MB Wiramadhara Vijaya, and Gita Widya Agni UPN Jatim.

As Program Director for Madah Bahana UI, Ditto’s achievement including:
• 3rd place for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia 2017 in Thailand.
• 2nd place for International Drum Corps Competition 2016 in Indonesia.
• 1st place for Brass Contest, 1st place for Color Guard Contest, 2nd place for Drum Battle, Bandung Marching Band Championship 2015 in Indonesia.
• 3rd place for Grand Prix Marching Band 2015 in Indonesia.

With Madah Bahana UI, Ditto has also won 1st place for Grand Prix Marching Band in 2002 and 2005 as trumpet player, and in 2010 as Brass Arranger and Caption Head.

As Brass Arranger for Listya Dwijaswara, Ditto achieved 1st place for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia 2018 in the Phillippines, 2nd place for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia 2017 in Indonesia, and 1st place for Wind Independent Open at WGI Asia 2016 in Malaysia.

Ditto has experience in becoming a judge in competitions such as Kids Band Festival and Detos Marching Band Competition, meanwhile outside of his involvement in the marching arts activity, he also has other musical experiences as a trumpet player for big bands and also as additional/session trumpet for several local indie bands.

Mohd Hazarin

Name : M Hazarin M Hashim

Age : 50

Country : Malaysia

Main Profession : Oil & Gas

Main Instrument : Trumpet (since 1981)

Second Instrument : Bagpipe (since 2015)

Judging Experience : Some shadowing and main judging in Malaysia (State and National) since 2012

Other Judging Marching Band Certificates obtained :

  1. DCE General Certificate 2013
  2. DCE Caption Music and Visual Workshop 2015

Key Caption : Ensemble Music, Ensemble Visual, Ensemble Effects

Marko Sebira

Marko has worked in various industries for more than 10 years, mostly as an accountant. During that period, his works were related to IT, pharmaceutical and education industries. He is well-versed in the usage of accounting software, including lecturing MYOB for undergraduate student, and enable in creating a company through to its use in problem-solving matters. Prior to his current position, Marko was assigned as the Head of Program of the undergraduate school of Accounting and Finance in Binus University International from 2009-2011. After finishing his Ph.D. degree, Marko becomes the Head of Program of the International Business program at Binus University International. His main role is to organize study and curriculum mapping, handling students and coordinating lecturer class assignments.

Marko obtained his bachelor degree in accounting from the University of Indonesia in 1998. He pursued his Master degree in International Business from Curtin University in 2000 and continued his doctoral degree in Accounting at Victoria University of Wellington from 2011 until 2015.


2011 – 2016 – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Accounting

1999 – 2000 – Curtin University of Technology, Australia; Master of International Business (MIB)

1993 – 1998 – University of Indonesia, Indonesia; Bachelor of Economics (SE), major in Accounting


Marko’s research interests are institutional logics, organizational cultures, behavioural accounting, and Indonesian culture. His dominant research methodology is qualitative approach, based on interpretivism theoretical perspective. Currently, his research area focuses on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and its impact to Indonesian business society. He also has passion for youth and music education.


Qualitative Research in Accounting


Thesis title: An investigation of organisational culture: a case study of Indonesia’s professional accounting firms.

This research is to investigate the extent to which Indonesian audit professionalism are influenced by external factors such as the Global Professional Network, Indonesian cultures, political economy, and the accounting profession. The organisational field is observed to gain understanding of norms and values that socially constructed by auditors within the organisation in order to seek legitimacy, whereas the institutional fields are observed to obtain factors that influenced the organisation. These dimensions are combined in an institutional manner, in order to explore the possible factors that influence audit professionalism in Indonesia. This research employs institutional logics offered by Thornton, Ocasio, Lounsbury (2012). These logics are to be related to six audit professionalism dimension offered by Kerr, et al (1977) of expertise, autonomy, collegial maintenance of standards, ethics, professional commitment, and professional identification. The application of Institutional logic is purposed to identify the ideal types of accounting firm in Indonesia, in that the framework enables to absorb elements that reflect a specific country’s norms and values.


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  1. Faculty Exchange to Cologne Business School, Cologne, Germany; October 9 – 14, 2017; Subject taught: Cross Cultural Management, Indonesian Business Culture
  1. Faculty Exchange to Ningbo University, China; November 22 – 25, 2015; Subject taught: ASEAN Economic Community, Qualitative Research in Accounting



Marching Band Sebagai Pendidikan Berkarakter; Sebuah Solusi Komprehensif Pendidikan Non-formal Bagi Remaja (Marching Band as Education of Character; A Comprehensive Solution of Non-formal Education for Teens), published in Tune In Bulletin, 3rd edition, 2015


Head of Program – International Business at Binus University International –  June 2015 – Present

Managing International Business Program. Setting strategic planning for the program. Managing faculty members, students, curriculum, and IB activities Working closely with Partner Universities in various countries (Australia, New Zealand, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, and China)

Lecturer Assistant (Tutor) at Victoria University of Wellington – February 2012 – November 2012

Tutoring Introduction to Accounting Information System (ACCY 225) for MYOB and Xero labs, assignment and presentation marking.

Head of Program – Undergraduate School of Accounting & Finance at Binus University International – August 2007 – September 2011

Responsible for managing the school. Task including designing program courses, curriculum and syllabi, managing exams, organizing lecturer’s schedules, handling student academic problems, corresponding to partner universities.

Part-time Lecturer at Binus University International –  July 2005 – July 2007

Teaching accounting courses for undergraduate students in Binus University International: Accounting Computer Package (MYOB) & Advanced Computer Package (Microsoft Axapta)

Finance & Administration Director at PT. Sumber Natama Medika – November 2003 – February 2006

A pharmaceutical owned-company for distribution channel to hospitals and clinics. Items included OTC medicines, K medicines, syringes, consumables, and hospital equipment. Responsible in managing Finance Department. Responsible for monthly financial report, and tax Monitor debt collection and orders Design, create and document Accounting System, using MYOB Premier

Finance Manager at PT. Jasa Logistik Kesehatan Nusantara May 2001 – January 2003

A Joint-ventured company specializing in Hospital Information System Responsible for Accounting and Finance Department, handling 3 staffs. Responsible for monthly financial report, montly and yearly tax (SPT & SPM) Ability to design, create and document Accounting System, using MYOB for the company. As one of the system implementer for designing Hospital Information System – using 4th Dimension system



2017 Faculty Excellence Awards; Best Teaching Performance Index (TPI) Binus University International


  1. Pacific Accounting Review (PAR)
  2. Journal of ASEAN Studies (JOAS)


Apart from being the head of program, Marko has interest in youth education, such as marching band and drum corps activity. He has produced several music scores for top bands in Indonesia, and become a national and international judge. He holds the Drum Corps Europe (DCE) judge certificate.
Indonesian Accounting Association (IAI) from 2010

Ginanjar Kamil

Ginanjar Kamil, born in Rumbai on November 17, 1972, finished school from kindergarten to high school graduate at Cendana Education Foundation School Rumbai, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. Continuing studies to college at Parahyangan Catholic University of Bandung, and since 1991 settled in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. He studied Piano in private lesson since the age of 10 years. In 1993, completing the YAMAHA Electone Study Course at the YAMAHA Music Foundation achieved the certification of YAMAHA Grade Examination up to 8th Grade in Bandung.

He has known the world of marching band since Junior High School, started as a bass drum player, and then played on the front ensemble as a marimba, vibraphone, and tympani player. He was a member of MB Bahana Cendana Kartika Riau in Rumbai, joining the activities of National Championship, Parade Senja Istana Merdeka and Grand Prix Marching Band. He elected as a member of Drum Corps Indonesia  in part of the European Championship World Tour 1989, joining The Hamar Windmusic Festival championship at Hamar Norway, Göteborg Music Festival in Göteborg Sweden, and World Music Contest in Kerkrade Holland, Comparative Study and Rehearsal with Crawley Drum Corps in Crawley England. Being a member of honor in Sadaluhung Padjadjaran Drum Corps participated in various championship like Pearl Marching Percussion Ensemble, Bandung Open Marching Band Championship and Grand Prix Marching Band. Lately, he is a conductor of Nawala Pos Indonesia Concert Band.

He has experience teaching in several marching band units such as MB Gema Wibawa Mukti Bandung, MB Handep Mentaya Praja Sampit, MB Listya Dwijaswara Cirebon, MB Gita Bahana Winaya Cirebon, Sadaluhung Padjadjaran Drum Corps of Padjadjaran University Bandung. Currently he is a front ensemble instructor and music arranger in Nawala Pos Indonesia MB Bandung, Gema Galuh MB Ciamis, and MB Satya Praja Swara Cirebon.

Active as a front ensemble clinician and demonstrator at several clinics and workshops such as Joint Rehearsal Sinar Husni Medan, Joint Rehearsal JOMC Jember, Jogja Marching Day – Jogjakarta Marching Band Camp Jogjakarta, Joint Rehearsal Garuda Flight DC Jakarta, Dynasty Marching Percussion Workshop Bandung, YAMAHA Percussion Coaching Clinic Bandung.

He often attended marching band clinics, master class workshops, and seminars that featured international speakers such as Eric Awuy, René Conway, Andy Dougharty, Prof. Thom Hannum, Dr. Cosmo A. Barbaro, Allan Murray, Martin McDaniel, Prof. Jeffrey M. Moore, Scott Johnson, Steven Bantley, James Ancona, Peter Vulperhorst, and Junt Minalai.

Ginanjar started his career as a judge at Grand Prix Marching Band and Grand Prix Junior Band Jakarta in 2002, as a judge of the Music Analysis Percussion Line. Since then he has been a judge in various competitions such as Kids Band Festival Jakarta, Hamengkubuwono Cup Marching Band Championship Yogyakarta, Jawa Tengah Open Drum/Marching Band Competition Semarang, Jawa Tengah Drumkids Competition Semarang, Delta Marching Open Festival Sidoarjo, Bandung Marching Band Championship GPMB Series Bandung, Jember Open Marching Competition Jember, Cirebon Drum & Marching Band Championship, and Sumatera Open Marching Championship Pekanbaru. And now as a judge he also specialized in the caption of Music Ensemble, General Effect, and Music Battle as well both wind and drumline battle.


Drum Corp Asia is excited to announce that Nimon Noer has accepted the role of DCA Adjudication Director.
Nimon will be the liaison between the DCA Education Team and the DCA certified judges.
Nimon’s strong leadership, extensive experience in the Asian Marching Arts and his commitment to excellence were some of the many reasons we decided to appoint Nimon to this role.

DCA is still looking for a Recruitment Officer who will assist new and prospective judges on their journey to become a DCA level 2 certified judge. If you are interested in this position please private message Bob Thomas, Chairman of DCA.

If any contest promoters or organizations are interested in hosting a DCA contest or educational event, please contact Dody Helmoth, Director of Marketing for DCA and Bob Thomas. DCA is looking to providing great educational events for students and coaches in Asia.

DCA is built on a strong foundation of education to improve the quality of design and training in Asia! Education for Marching Arts.