DCA believes that the key to success for any organization is Education.

DCA’s objective is to provide educational material to performers and instructors. The Education Team will be providing access to educational information here on the web site
The Education Team is currently developing a 3 Level certification process for instructors and students.

Level 1 Basic Knowledge

This level of certification will provide fundamental knowledge of Color Guard training and techniques, how to develop musical and visual pedagogues that will help build a strong foundation for growth of both students and instructors. Instructors will also be provided information and tips on building a strong technique program, best practices for developing good rehearsal techniques and evaluating your performers talent. Color Guard instructors will be provided educational material and videos on how to build a strong basics program for spinning and tossing all 3 pieces of equipment as well how to develop a movement and choreography program.

Level 2 Advance Proficiency

This level of certification will provide educational material to strengthen your core knowledge of Music, Marching, Movement and Color Guard. This advance level of study will provide educational information and videos that will enhance the students and instructors level of knowledge to become successful in building a Championship program.

Level 3 Expert Level

This level of training will provide challenges to those both students and instructors that want to push themselves to the next level of learning and enlightenment. You will be provided Master Class material that develops the highest level of performance and assist Instructors to become the next generation of educators that will propel Asia forward.

These certification Levels will allow students and staff to develop at their own pace.

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