His first Drum Corp marching experience came at the age of 10 with the Valley Nu-Tones Drum and Bugle Corp from Wilderding, Pa where he played bugle. He then went on to march with the Pittsburgh Rockets Senior Drum and Bugle Corp which my father was the director.

He started teaching Drum Corp at the young age of 17 with the Turtle Creek Caballeros Drum & Bugle Corp as the brass, guard, percussion and drill designer and instructor. He went on over the next 4 years to teach many local Western Pennsylvania Drum and Bugle Corps such as Derry Patriots, Cambria Cadets and Catholic Daughters of America as their Drill Designer & Instructor. In 1976 I was invited to join the staff of the Finleyville Royal Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps as a marching instructor. This was their first and only time as a DCI finalist.

He started his Drum Corp judging experience at the age of 22 with Drum Corp East. He spent the next several years judging for Drum Corp East, Drum Corp Atlantic, Drum Corp Midwest and Drum Corp South before getting accepted to judge for Drum Corp International. He has over 40 years’ experience judging Drum and Bugle Corp in the United States and is currently still an active DCI Judge.

In 2001 he was invited to judge the first Drum Corp Europe Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was a very interesting experience because they were using old DCI sheets with criteria that the European Corps couldn’t achieve. The Sunday after the initial Championships in a meeting with the board of Drum Corp Europe I was asked to become the Director of Education for Drum Corp Europe and create a system that would allow Drum Corps in Europe to become successful. He was also given the task of creating a certification and training process for European judges. There were only 24 Drum Corps competing in Europe at that time and only 5 European judges. Over the past 16 years he has promoted and built a successful educational system that at its peak had about 46 Drum and Bugle Corps from 7 different counties and have produced about 26 certified judges from 6 countries.

In 2004 He invited to judge a Drum and Bugle Corp contest in Japan. He continued to judge in Japan for the next 4 years and developed relationships with instructors and contest promoters. In 2006 I was invited to teach a clinic in Malaysia for prospective judges and instructors on the Drum Corp Europe system. Drum Corp Europe offered a partnership with the contest promoter in Malaysia in which He judged and certified judges from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In December of 2017 he was invited to judge the Grand Prix Marching Band Competition in Indonesia. He has taught clinics the past 5 years in Indonesia and continue to be an ambassador for Drum Corps and Marching Bands all around the world.
In January of 2018 he help founded Drum Corp Asia and accepted the position of President and Chairmen

In addition to his extensive background in Drum and Bugle Corp, he has judged for Winter Guard International (WGI) for over 24 years as a General Effect, Design Analysis and Equipment Judge. He judged World Championships every year that he judges for WGI

He is also currently a judge for Bands of America for over 20 years. Bands of America is an organization which provides opportunity for the best marching bands in the United States to compete. He has judge Grand Nationals numerous included the 2017 prelims and finals

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