Drum Corp Asia was started in January of 2018 after discussions with judges and coaches about the future of marching bands in Asia. The discussions had a common theme about the need for education and training with both coaches and students. Bob Thomas, Director of Education for 16 years for Drum Corps Europe and a DCI judge for over 28 years started to organize a group of dedicated people interested in creating an organization that would have the mission to create educational opportunities for coaches, students and judges. The discussion also centered around the need for a judging system that was easy to understand and had certified trained judges that understood the system. We put together and executive board that contained an education team as well as an Advisory board for each country.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Drum Corp Asia to provide educational experiences for Asian Marching Bands that promote growth and development of the marching and pageantry activity in Asia.


  • To provide educational workshops for directors, designers, coaches, contest promoters and judges
  • To provide a scoring system that is designed specifically for Asia that is easy to understand at a fair fee
  • To provide certified quality judges that are trained and certified on the scoring system
  • To work with organizations that have similar goals and objectives as Drum Corp Asia
  • To provide a forum for individuals who want to learn and grow marching pageantry in Asia
  • To provide a great experience for everyone attending a DCA event


Create an organizational board to oversee the operations of Drum Corp Asia
Set up educational workshops and clinics
Sign contracts with organizations and contest promoters to provide educational; workshops, contest procedures, a scoring system and qualified judges
Create an Asia Championship for the best groups in Asia to compete

DCA Board

Chairmen Bob Thomas
Directors of Education
 Eric Awuy / David Cooksey / Marco Harder / James Lauver / Yoshito Ebisawa / Albert Lo / Marko Sebira
Secretary Andy Jobs
Treasurer Lisa Ayodhia
Director of Marketing Dody Helmoth

Advisory Board

Thailand – Aprivut Junt Minala / Nipatdh Kanchanahuta / Sukit Wong / Kasem Thipaymetrakul
Malaysia – Arif Soon / Zaharul Lailiddin Saidon
Indonesia – Benny Pasetyo / Dody Helmoth
Philippines – Saturnino Satur Taimsom / Manuel Sudayan Los Añes
Hong Kong – Gip Chan
China – Jesse. Minor

DCA held its first contest with 3 months of organizing. The Kaltim Marching Day was a huge success. DCA will be holding its first Judges College and Coaches clinic on June 29th thru July 1st. The Judges College and Coaches Clinic was sold out within days of registration. There will be over 80 attendees for Judges College and over 120 attendees to the Coaches Clinic from several countries.

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